2020 Spring Conference 

Privacy Regulations & Cybersecurity

May 7-8, 2020
Santa Clara, CA

About the conference

Privacy regulations and cybersecurity threats are on top of every c-suite executive as business become more digit, data breaches become more publicized, and regulation continues to expand. Gartner's Emerging Risks* Report that leverages insights from an extensive network of compliance, risk and audit executives shows that while companies continue to prioritize and fund digital initiatives, over 66% of the companies fail to deliver their promises. And the most challenging issues that businesses struggle today revolve around cyber security threats, data privacy, and a shortage of top talent with required skill-sets

With that in mind, the ISACA SV Spring conference aims to weaves a common narrative around data protection and privacy. Topics covered will include but not be limited to

  • Privacy Regulations – GDPR, CCPA and other state regs

  • Incident response

  • Role of Internal Audit

  • Cybersecurity Budgets

  • The talent Crisis

  • Cloud Security

  • Automation & Integration

  • Security as code

  • Election Security

  • Cyberwarfare

Join your fellow security professionals for affordable, high-quality conference and education. Attend featured keynotes, panel discussions, and round table sessions - all while networking with local peers.


Earn 16-18 CPE credits learning from nationally recognized industry leaders.


Why Attend?

  • Expertise, Training, and Networking

  • Bridge new technology and practical applications

  • Connect with peers

  • CPE Hours

  • Learn about the newest products and services

  • Content focused sessions

  • Real World Solutions

  • Recognized experts and elite industry speakers

  • Management practices that ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information resources

  • The knowledge that will help you to cut costs, improve performance and increase efficiency


No one year of ISACA-SV is the same! If you have attended an ISACA-SV Conference in the past, the education is guaranteed to be new, relevant and time-sensitive.


Who should Attend?

  • Managers, Directors, CISO and CIOs who want to stay compliant and prevent security breaches

  • Audit, governance and privacy professionals who want to make sure they can prove compliance within budget

  • Technical-level professionals who just want to understand it all and have the confidence to know its going to work. 


The conference offers an unrivaled opportunity to expand your network and build onto your knowledge and skills. Check back for information about the expert-led sessions, workshops and earning tracks.








Call for Speakers

Do you have a great idea to share?

Please submit you proposal along with the following information by clicking the "Interested in Speaking" button below or email us at

  1. Proposed Title

  2. Description of the presentation

  3. Audience Takeaways

  4. Speaker Name

  5. Speaker Bio

Proposals are considered for 45mins sessions with 10mins Q&A. Speaker submission deadline is April 15th, 2020.


Benefits of Speaking

ISACA-SV is one of the largest chapters with more than 1100 members and is a leading provider of knowledge, community, advocacy and education on information systems assurance and security, enterprise governance of IT, and IT-related risk and compliance. Speakers associated with ISACA conference are similarly recognized as industry leaders and subject matter experts.

  • All selected speakers receive a complimentary registration to the conference

  • Speakers gain increased visibility throughout the ISACA chapter community.

  • Speakers and their companies and organizations are included in promotional information sent to chapter constituents via hard copy brochures and other marketing material, web site, press releases and other publicity outlets.

  • Speakers have the opportunity to network with peers and other professionals at specifically designed points throughout the event.

  • Speakers can prove their value, expertise, knowledge and acumen by presenting relevant and timely subjects in an effective manner, often leading to business development.


How Speakers Are Chosen

Proposals are reviewed by ISACA’s subject matter experts. During the process, we vet the potential speaker, not the speaker’s company or organization. ISACA expects the speaker to honor his or her commitment to present the proposed session at the subject event. The proposals are evaluated in whole or in part on the following criteria:

  • Subject matter is cutting-edge or presents new ideas, presented in a creative and engaging way

  • Topic is timely for the industry today and will attract attendees

  • Abstract and title of the session demonstrate the intent concisely

  • Learning objectives and learning level are well-defined and support each other

  • Attendees will able to relate to the content and apply what they’ve learned in their roles

  • Technical accuracy

  • Context of the issues including real-world case studies, examples, and stories

  • Potential for audience interactive participation

  • Speaker presentation skills and experience

  • Speaker is knowledgeable, engaging and experienced on the topic submitted

  • Speaker industry leadership

  • Education focus devoid of overt and covert commercialism

  • Overall quality of the written proposal

  • The content provides a thought-leadership perspective for the conference attendees



To continue the success of the conference, we rely on the generous sponsorship of organizations and companies like yours to assure that we can offer a quality event at the lowest possible cost to participants, many of whom represent the public sector.


Please consider supporting the conference through a sponsorship and let us know if you are interested so we can reserve a spot for you? 


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